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We are here to make your business visible
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Want to know about Acquila Technologies Pvt ltd co

We are a Technology Company which is there to support businesses to reach their full potential with the use of Internet We enable Companies, small and big businesses to reach out their customers, potential customers all over the world 24/7 through a website.

Our main services include:

  • Website Development
  • Website Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting

What is the process involved in website Development

Our complete process involved website development are in 6 stages which are:

    Gathering requirements from the client

  • We give our clients room for them to state exactly what they want to be available on their website
  • Planning Process

  • This is when we do carefull planning on how we will be able to accomplish what the client's wants from the requirements which we would have obtained
  • Building The system

  • At this stage is when we will be carrying out the designs and creating the website
  • Testing

  • After building the system we do thorough testing of the system to check for errors
  • Sending deliverables to the client

  • Produce diliverables to the client
  • Launch

  • When we have completed the above we launch the website so that it can be available on the internet and we give the client the domain name for the website

Why Us

Why choose us for your website development


We are flexible

We allow our clients to be participative in the website development where we give them room to tell us what they want to be on the website. Also our websites are flexible they do allow changes to be made to suit to organisational needs


We deliver in Time

We value our Clients and we carefully understand that Time is important to them. So our projects are time framed and we surely do diliver as per aggreed time


Favourable Prices

Our prices are really affordable and they do range at different levels which can accomodate all ends small, mediam and big businesses


We offer Search engine optimization

We also offer a separate service that will enable your website to be ranked high by google when the users make their searches

Frequently asked Questions

Question and Answers

What is a website

A website is one of the most strongest tools on the internet that is used by many businesses to market their products

A website allows companies to expand and attract customers to their organisation

The Advantages of a website

A website comes with many advantages which include:
Allows a company to reach out their distance potentialcustomers, allows customers to view what the company is offering at the comfort of their homes also allows the company to be well recognised

How long does it take for a website to be completed

We usually take at least 8 days to fully complete our websites

Uses of a website

Uses include
Used to attract more customers
used to market brand new products
Used by companies to reach out to their potential customers all over the world and many more

Should small businesses have a website?

Yes small businesses should have Websites because:

Small business have to be marketed heavily so that people become aware of the existence of that business, get to know about the products that the company wiil be offering. A website will be the most powerful tool to use to make that happen since it can be accessed by many potential customers all around the world

What is a domain name?

A domain name is:

A name that is used to access the website on the internet for example www.chinhoyibricks.co.zw

What is to Host a website?

Hosting a website is

The process of making the website available on the internet

Recent Work

Our Recent Work

Chinoyi Bricks

Brick Moulding Company

Is a Chinese Brick Moulding factory located in Chinhoyi where we have full production Capacity. We are standard common bricks specialist and our Bricks are trusted product built for both strength and aesthetics. They can be seen across a number of successful projects in Zimbabwe Our customers include Chinhoyi University, Chinhoyi judicial, jocman construction and many individuals.Our bricks are affordable to evryone as our quality is high as well Click the link below to find out more about their services


North Zimbabwe Agro Association

Agriculture website

This is a website for a company which specialises supplying babe chicken



What they're saying about Acquila Technologies

Acquila Technology is a well committed company to their work!! keep up the good work Guys, It is really impressive to see such a company rising in Zimbabwe

Advocate E.Mudede


Keep up the good work Guys you are the best!!

Mr Jay

CEO @Jay Electronix

You Guys are the best, You do your work whole heartedly in order to give the best service to your customers. I like the fact that when you say you diliver you surely diliver. It is really something else keep up the good work.

Madam Mwagura


You guys are really amazing, The way you are organised and how you handle your customers is just something that a lot of companies in our country can learn. Keep up the good work Guys we are here to support you.

Miss Mudzivare


Our Team

Our Hard Working Team

Mr McDonald

CEO of Acquila Technologies Pvt Ltd Co Website Developer

Miss Mabasa

Holds a Degree in Information and Technology

Miss Primrose

Marketing Manager
Holds a Degree in Information and Technology

Miss Tanatswa

Marketing Agent


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